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Pinhole Camera 06SCN07

Pinhole Camera 06SCN07

yang paling tidak biasa mengambil foto perangkat . tidak ada lensa dan tidak ada transmisi digital . mengeksplorasi bagaimana lubang jarum kecil menangkap sinar cahaya untuk menghasilkan foto yang nyata . tidak mengambil foto-foto terbaik, tapi pasti akan menarik.
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    Pinhole Camera

    The most unusual photo taking device. No lens and no digital transmission. Explore how a tiny pin hole refracts and captures light rays to produce real photos. It does not take the best photos in the world, but definitely the most interesting ones. Snap-to-assemble, it is the only pinhole camera around which uses 135mm film roll. It's an inspiring optical science kit for both kids and adults.
    Contains pin hole camera body (assembly required), aluminum foil, full detailed instructions, and fun facts. (Needle and film required, not included)
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